Date(28-07-2014): First, the disclaimer. I have not read any of Shri Dinanath Batra’s books. Second, I don’t think it is the end of the world if anybody’s books are put on the supplementary reading list, however bizarre they may be.

Date(21-07-2014): The horrors of war and conflict have been overwhelming this past week. Four boys, aged 9 to 12, all cousins, were killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza just minutes after they were playing on the beach, thinking that the sandy shores were safer than their streets.

Date(14-07-2014): From Syria to the border gates of Wagah, the fear of Balkanisation along the lines of religious radicalism and sectarianism poses a threat to the internal stability of countries of South Asia including India.

Date(07-07-2014): The rescue of 46 Indian nurses from Iraq last week is the second diplomatic success for the new NDA government.

Date(30-06-2014): The ‘mountains of death’ that have passes between high peaks that even the troops of Alexander the Great found treacherous are once again the scene of battle. The 800km of Hindu Kush mountains stretch from Central Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan.

Date(23-06-2014): Within two weeks of assuming office, Prime Minister Modi has successfully completed his first tour abroad, to neighbouring Bhutan. He had earlier met the six heads of government of the region during his swearing in ceremony.

Date(16-06-2014): With a prayer on my lips: It is a privilege to report on a Prime Minister’s maiden foreign visit and Bhutan is certainly on every Indian journalist’s bucket list. But for a queasy flyer, landing at Paro airport is a nightmare.

Date(09-06-2014): It was November 25, 2009, in Washington DC. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was midway through his visit to the American capital, and everything seemed to be going right.

Date(02-06-2014): There is nothing really left of the Grand Old Party, the Indian National Congress, other than ‘old’. But it seems that the electoral shock of a near total wipeout has not resulted in any churning or ‘manthan’. The young brigade, which in Indian politics means those in their forties and fifties, are confronted with a moth eaten fabric. They are unable to come to terms with the new reality.

Date(26-05-2014): This evening, Narendra Modi and his council of ministers will take the oath of office and secrecy from the President in the presence of about 4,000-odd invitees, who include foreign dignitaries, heads of government, eminent citizens and common Indians.

Date(19-05-2014): The new prime minister of India has a fantastic choice before him one that his predecessor did not have in his two terms in office. Not only can he freely choose who he wants to work with, he can even choose which jobs he wants to allocate to them.

Date(12-05-2014): After the last vote has been cast for the 2014 general elections today, there will be a sense of catharsis for some. The venomous statements that politicians have made against each other will reduce to a great extent. Many of them have already begun backroom negotiations, just in case they need to forge alliances.