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The lone Gurudwara Sahib in Trinidad and Tobago will have a distinguished visitor when Gursharan Kaur, the wife of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, visits the place on Friday, along with her daughter.

Fashion magazines in the west say that layering is 'in' this winter. Wasn't it 'in' in the summer too? And studiously Indian fashionistas decide to adopt this trend in the summer. Told us to layer in the 40 degrees Celsius temperatures.


Somebody make Gowda PM 2012  11  12

What is Deve Gowda up to? Why is he silent? These are two questions plaguing all of Karnataka and all those associated with Karnataka in New Delhi. More so in the BJP offices at Ashoka Road. Somebody make him Prime Minister and move him to Race Course Road. He could cause lesser tumult than he does in Bangalore. The Silicon City then will have more billionaires than the measly four that Forbes listed out yesterday. Why even moffusil Pune has beaten the outsourcing Mecca of the world.... it has five billionaires.


Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it seems, has had enough of NRI receptions for the time being.
On Thursday, at the third gathering of NRIs, which included eminent literary persons from India, Mr Vajpayee looked ill at ease.

South India is the treasure trove of silk saris with gold embroidery -the six yards of fabric has been draped in the same style forcenturies. But more youngsters these days feel it's too cumbersome attire for daily wear.Chennai in Tamil Nadu is home to the famous Kanjeevaram Sarees.

India and Pakistan sparred yet again at the end of the day today, when the Indian Prime Minister delivered his address to the United Nations General Assembly.
Pakistan exercised its Right of Reply (ROR), and in two sharply worded speeches, a Pakistani diplomat said: “We can concede that India knows a lot about terrorism because it is the mother of terrorism.”

Several women in the Prime Minister's delegation to Moscow for his 24
hour visit and not one woman in fur. Not even faux fur. And this in a
city that revels in its fur fashion. Mrs Gursharan Kaur wore a black
woolen overcoat most of the day while the Prime Minister preferred a
grey woollen coat. His colleagues were all men, no fur there. And the
media team which had a record ten women teamed their outfits with
leather or woollen coats to beat the -7 degrees Celsius weather. Not
one of them owned a mink coat. It’s kind of hard to combine mink with
Kanjeevaram or Banarasi sarees, which is as dressy as a woman
Journalist gets.


A 47-nation Nuclear Security Summit in Washington agreed Tuesday to lock up the world's most vulnerable nuclear materials within four years to prevent terrorists from setting off a global catastrophe. The communique issued at the end of the two day summit noted "nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security and strong nuclear security measure the most effective means to prevent terrorist criminals or other unauthorized actors from acquiring nuclear materials".

Putin packs a punch 2012  6  28

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a man of few
words. He isn't given to effusive sentimentality. He was very
comfortable during his two-hour-long meeting with Indian Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh, who like his host, has a sphinx like exterior
but packs a deadly punch when needed.


India and Russia today jointly pledged to take forward the India-Russia-China troika forward to "promising heights." At the end of two hours of deliberations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the two leaders waxed eloquently on bilateral relations but were almost effusive in their plans for expansion of the scope of the troika. President Putin spoke of continued meeting of leaders of the three countries and

So, the White House gatecrashers were actually invited to a Bollywood party in chic Adams Morgan in downtown DC, whereas reporters tailing the Salahis had to gatecrash the party!
The party was hosted by Kelly Ann Collins and titled “Hollywood vs. Bollywood.” and the Salahis were special invitees.

Its all about energy 2012  6  2

If there is a swagger in Vladimir Putin it has nothing to do with his six-pack, though going by photographs he could put Sharukh in OSO to shame. The swagger is due to his country's bulging oil profits and India with huge energy hunger has come abegging. Manmohan Singh knows that subsidies have to roll back and triple digit figures per barrel have India like China clawing at Russia's door. With the 123 agreement in the dock, India has to look simultaneously for other options. Russia is where it has always sought.

After his late night meeting with Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, which the two sides described as frank and detailed, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Basheer expressed regret that relations between the two South Asian neighbours had come to such a pass that they have to meet thousands of miles away here in Egypt.


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