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Date(06-01-2014): The electoral contest in 2014 is changing dimensions. With the thundering entry of the newbie in Indian politics Aam Aadmi Party, all calculations have been thrown up in the air. That muffler wrapped face of Arvind Kejriwal is now all over our TV screens. Much more than BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the sitting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Dr Singh, after two uninterrupted tenures as prime minister, has hung his boots when he said last week, “In a few months time, after the general elections, I will hand the baton over to a new prime minister. I hope it will be a United Progressive Alliance-chosen prime minister.”

Date(13-01-2014): Congress deewane mulk mey, raat mey aur dopahar mey, aabodaana dhoondtay hain, ek aashiana dhoondtay hain. Apologies to the makers of the 1970s Hindi film Gharonda, in which Aam Aadmi Amol Palekar and Aam Aurat Zarina Wahab sang the song written by Gulzar which roughly translates to: two enthusiasts in the city, scout day and night, hunting for a nest, hunting for a home. The ordinary struggle of an ordinary urban Indian couple, of finding a roof above their heads. The Congress leaders today are like that desperate couple, hunting for safe constituencies for themselves and Rahul Gandhi. The search is getting urgent. It is bordering on the crazily obsessive.

Date(20-01-2014): Online privacy is dead. Somebody or the other is reading your text messages, your e-mails, your Whatsapp and Facebook status updates, and your BBMs. Take it for granted that nothing is safe anymore other than silence. Either your parents, or your children, your spouse, love interest, employer, or the government or Americans….somebody is reading your online communication.

Date(27-01-2014): And so, one more Republic Day went by. Once more we saw the military parade on TV; once more we marvelled at the cultural diversity on display at the Rajpath in the capital. And once more we battled in our minds whether the display of military muscle is a throwback to Soviet era extravagance or is it a justified celebration of the idea of the Republic of India.

Date(03-02-2014): There was some buzz again last week that Dr Manmohan Singh was contemplating a visit to Pakistan next month, before he hangs his boots. It is one of those rumours which in the past nine years has been neither denied by the foreign office nor confirmed. And the ‘news’ gained ground when a visiting bunch of Pakistani journalists reported that all that was left was a fixing of dates. Meanwhile it appears that the Prime Minister might instead be traveling to Myanmar to attend the summit of BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation). The interesting grouping consists of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan and Nepal. Look East Sir, look East.

Date(10-02-2014): Recently I attended a lecture by Kishore Mahabubani, the Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore where he posed a question: Can India be Cunning?

Date(17-02-2014): It is quite natural for the media to focus on political news in an election year. However, the grand obsession with politics and political news has become quite oppressive. Every news story acquires political contours; grand meanings are read into anecdotal events.

Date(24-02-2014): As we draw closer to elections, politicians are going to talk about religion and its role in society and how they will defend the rights of every religious group of people. For people of religious minorities, this is significant as they look for an affirmation that their rights will be protected as determined by the Indian constitution.

Date(03-03-2014): There is something about arranged marriages in India. It’s like the entire universe conspires to actualise them. There is near panic when families cannot organise one. No amount of personal success at work or happiness in life is acceptable unless a ‘suitable’ match is found. It doesn’t matter if the couple has nothing much in common, and are not even remotely attracted to each other. No, just some random people or a computer thinks that a fit is found and heaven showers blessings.

Date(10-03-2014): A month before the elections kick off, campaigning has turned into a reality show. Move aside Bigg Boss and Satyamev Jayate, there is more drama to be devoured in election coverage.

Date(24-03-2014): A pseudonymous Twitter user, @thecomicproject, posted on Saturday: “Journalists have four designations: Journalist, Senior Journalist, Veteran Journalist, Politician.” He was referring to the recent induction of journalists into political parties, a trend which is viewed skeptically on social media. Nobody is quite comfortable with the fourth estate encroaching upon the political arena. That is because the media’s role includes being a watchdog of democratic processes and supervising the role of political players. But when these roles overlap, a shadow of doubt appears over the journalist’s past reporting: surely she must have been biased in her reporting of events.

Date(07-04-2014): Whoever coined the phrase “the dance of democracy” captured the essence of the electoral process that celebrates democracy. Barely three months after the elections in Bangladesh — and battling against worse odds — Afghanistan went to polls on Saturday.

Date(14-04-2014): The so called ‘Big Fight’ in both these constituencies is all made up to generate excitement for TV. Amethi will go to Rahul Gandhi and Varanasi will go to Narendra Modi. I am willing to stick my neck out on this and call.

Date(21-04-2014): Those who don’t want Modi will have to go to Pakistan, those who vote for Congress want Muslims to rule India like Babar did, those who vote for BSP want upper castes finished forever, those who vote PDP want Kashmir to go to Pakistan, those who vote for CPI want India to become a satellite of Russia/China.

2014 is not 1998 2014  4  28

Date(28-04-2014): With Priyanka Gandhi jumping out in the open into the Congress campaign programme, feeble hopes have rekindled in the Grand Old Party. She smiles, waves, hugs, makes pithy remarks about Narendra Modi without naming him, recalls her martyred father, her family links with Amethi and Rae Bareli and then disappears for a day.

Goodbye Dr Singh 2014  5  5

Date(05-05-2014): “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it,” wrote Sir Winston Churchill.

Date(12-05-2014): After the last vote has been cast for the 2014 general elections today, there will be a sense of catharsis for some. The venomous statements that politicians have made against each other will reduce to a great extent. Many of them have already begun backroom negotiations, just in case they need to forge alliances.

Date(19-05-2014): The new prime minister of India has a fantastic choice before him one that his predecessor did not have in his two terms in office. Not only can he freely choose who he wants to work with, he can even choose which jobs he wants to allocate to them.

Date(26-05-2014): This evening, Narendra Modi and his council of ministers will take the oath of office and secrecy from the President in the presence of about 4,000-odd invitees, who include foreign dignitaries, heads of government, eminent citizens and common Indians.

Feeble old party 2014  6  2

Date(02-06-2014): There is nothing really left of the Grand Old Party, the Indian National Congress, other than ‘old’. But it seems that the electoral shock of a near total wipeout has not resulted in any churning or ‘manthan’. The young brigade, which in Indian politics means those in their forties and fifties, are confronted with a moth eaten fabric. They are unable to come to terms with the new reality.

Date(09-06-2014): It was November 25, 2009, in Washington DC. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was midway through his visit to the American capital, and everything seemed to be going right.

Date(16-06-2014): With a prayer on my lips: It is a privilege to report on a Prime Minister’s maiden foreign visit and Bhutan is certainly on every Indian journalist’s bucket list. But for a queasy flyer, landing at Paro airport is a nightmare.

A Dragon in our room 2014  6  23

Date(23-06-2014): Within two weeks of assuming office, Prime Minister Modi has successfully completed his first tour abroad, to neighbouring Bhutan. He had earlier met the six heads of government of the region during his swearing in ceremony.

Date(30-06-2014): The ‘mountains of death’ that have passes between high peaks that even the troops of Alexander the Great found treacherous are once again the scene of battle. The 800km of Hindu Kush mountains stretch from Central Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan.

Bringing back Indians 2014  7  7

Date(07-07-2014): The rescue of 46 Indian nurses from Iraq last week is the second diplomatic success for the new NDA government.

Date(14-07-2014): From Syria to the border gates of Wagah, the fear of Balkanisation along the lines of religious radicalism and sectarianism poses a threat to the internal stability of countries of South Asia including India.

Date(21-07-2014): The horrors of war and conflict have been overwhelming this past week. Four boys, aged 9 to 12, all cousins, were killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza just minutes after they were playing on the beach, thinking that the sandy shores were safer than their streets.

Date(28-07-2014): First, the disclaimer. I have not read any of Shri Dinanath Batra’s books. Second, I don’t think it is the end of the world if anybody’s books are put on the supplementary reading list, however bizarre they may be.

Blame it on Rahul 2014  8  4

Date(04-08-2014): It is all Rahul’s fault. The lost election, the lethargic opposition, weak monsoon (maybe) and that we had Dr Singh as PM and not Sonia Gandhi. No, seriously how can one man be responsible for all ills when we also blame him for inaction?

Date(11-08-2014): On August 15, 2013, Narendra Modi made a speech at Lalan College in Bhuj, drawing derision from his opponents, especially the Congress party. The speech followed the prime minister’s address to the nation from the Red Fort and was covered extensively by the media. Modi termed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech as lacklustre. No one could find fault with that. Not even Sonia Gandhi will say that the former prime minister was a stirring orator. Not one of Dr Singh’s ten consecutive speeches from the Red Fort was inspiring.

Untouched by pain 2014  8  18

Date(18-08-2014): Robin Williams’ suicide shocked us all, though for most of us our only connection to the Hollywood actor was through his films or comic acts. Yet, he was part of our growing up years and brought us immense joy and laughter. On Twitter, Facebook and TV, people spoke endlessly with disbelief that a man who seemed so accomplished and famous could be so lonely, a person loved by millions could feel so unloved and a person who won so many awards could have such a low sense of self worth that he ended his life. A final solution, maybe to frustration, to the inability to make sense of the world.

Date(25-08-2014): Hospital stays in India are traumatic. Nothing less. Just like school life, dating, commuting, train journeys and paying taxes in India. This article is not a guide for survival at a government -aided or -run hospital, because for that you need active intervention of God and fate. Nor is it a survival manual for every hospital run in India. This is just my personal experience at several swanky hospitals in Delhi.

Sau din sauce kay 2014  9  1

Date(01-09-2014): Readers of a certain vintage would recall a ghastly Bollywood film produced in 1980 called Sau Din Saas Kay which had Reena Roy as the rebel daughter-in-law and Lalita Pawar as the archetypal vicious mother-in-law. This film was loud and melodramatic but it was a huge hit because suddenly tables had turned. The daughter-in-law had changed the equation in the Hindu undivided family. Somehow a 100 days is supposed to make a difference. The ‘nice’ period ends. Everybody is open to critical analysis at the end of a hundred days. So here goes the saucy tale of a hundred days.

Date(18-11-2013): General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani retires this month despite speculation that he would get another extension. Rarely does a Pakistani general retire into oblivion, that too without having either mounted a coup, established martial law or destabilised an elected government and placed a pliant prime minister.

Date(25-11-2013): The country mourns with you, the country stands by you and the country vows to never ever forget or forgive. The diabolical attacks five years ago were sixty hours that are imprinted in a generation’s mind. It changed forever the innocence of our countrymen who thought that they had gotten a grip over terrorism or that terror came in the form of a bomb, not men with guns shooting people in cafes, stations and hotels in the heart of the city. Mumbai learned that it is and will always be vulnerable.

Date(02-12-2013): If you believe that media is objective, then you also believe in Santa Claus. While some media outlets at least make attempts to be impartial or fair, it is impossible in today’s age to be truly neutral. In a period of high decibel TV debates and social media activism, media trials and judgmental reporting have become the norm. Senior journalists and media observers bemoan the fact that old school reporting has all but disappeared. Subjectivity and manipulation of images and events have completely changed the way news is reported.

Date(09-12-2013): Indian voters have shown again that there is a price to be paid for arrogance. Verdict 2013 has two messages: it is a no-confidence vote against the Congress and it is a go-ahead for the BJP for its prime ministerial candidate. And there is a subtext: there is an alternative to the two of you too, the Aam Aadmi Party. So slog it out for the next four months because none of you can sit back on these results.

The two 16 Decembers 2013  12  16

Date(16-12-2013): On this day in 1971, Indian armed forces, along with the Mukti Bahini, got the Pakistani forces led by General Abdullah Khan Niazi to surrender. It brought to an end the genocide conducted by Pakistani forces against their own people in erstwhile East Pakistan. India commemorates December 16 as Vijay Diwas.

Date(23-12-2013): “Dude, who is Kamraj?” “He was a swarthy skinned, lungi wearing Southie, who kind of got Congressis to quit ministerial posts and work for the party.” “Wow! And they did?” “Yup, in 1963, and the dude didn’t have social media, cell phones, not even the Internet to charge them up.” “Kinda cool huh?”

Date(30-12-2013): If anything, what I don’t want to do is look back at 2013, annus horribilis that it was. Even if I say it in Latin, it doesn’t take away the fact that the year gone by has been terrible. As the year draws to an end, there are some small signs of hope about the year that lies ahead. There is hope because we will elect the 16th Lok Sabha this spring.

The XVth Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit began here on Wednesday. Heads of Government of 118 developing nations will discuss issues related to the global economic downturn, terrorism, climate change and food security during the summit.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi today thanked India for extending hospitality to the Dalai Lama saying, "India is a country that is value based. " These were welcoming remarks that she made while receiving Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Capital Hill. She said that from Martin Luther King who received inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, to the present generation, Americans has learnt "about non violence and how to get results (by using non violence).


Basamati rice is the preferred choice of Indians everywhere in the world.In the US, Indian grocery stores prominently display at least 10 to 15 varieties of basmati rice, all imported from India and Pakistan. Most Indians buy basmati rice in bulk, 15 to 20 kilos in sacks made of jute or plastic.


Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon met his Pakistani counterpart Salman Bashir on the sidelines of the XVth Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) Summit for a second time on Wednesday.


Barely into the second paragraph of his speech at the 15th summit of the Non-Aligned Movement at Sharm-el-Sheikh, Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani brought up the topic of Kashmir by saying "long standing unresolved disputes" were putting stress on international systems.


India today reminded the world that in decision-making bodies, in global economic processes and political emancipation of nations, nobody should forget that Africa is lagging behind.


Does the Intelligence chief on one country go to another because the Prime Minister of that country summons him? He doesn't. And especially not if it is the ISI chief and the Prime Minister is an Indian. It was naïve to think that Dr Manmohan Singh would tell Mr. Asif Zardari, send your ISI chief and the chief would come marching on from Wagah border. An ISI chief has never come to India and a RAW chief has never been to Islamabad. But Zardari said 'yes '. Not just the ISI chief but he would send Army Chief Ashfaq Kiyani, who is himself and ex-director general of the ISI.


Crude oil skyrocketed to 145 dollars a barrel and Americans are feeling the pinch like never before.
With the Fourth of July weekend looming up, Americans are planning low key Independence Day celebrations.

Journalists from across the globe, who have gathered in London to cover the G-20 Summit, gave mixed reactions about their experience on Thursday.

It is a glorified house arrest. No less. For those who need to commute to work to downtown London on 1st or 2nd it is going to be a harrowing exercise. Everybody has been advised to carry as many forms of identification as they possess. Roads are blocked, thousands of policemen are patrolling the streets, presidential cavalcades are speeding down roads, potential protest demonstration sites are being sanitized of public movement, banks and government institutions are being guarded with particular emphasis


It is as certain to happen as Bilawal Bhutto will one day become Prime Minister, as certain as some Indian politician will accuse ‘Pakistani agent’ of tampering with EVM machines, as certain as match fixing, as certain as Prakash Karat finally supporting the Congress Party.


A white floor length embroidered dress, a necklace of giant pigeon red rubies and diamonds and a magnificent tiara.... the Queen was dressed to impress at the state banquet given by Trinidadian President George Maxwell Richards on the first day of the two-day Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGM). The tiara was the one she wore at her wedding in 1947.


Jean Antheleme Brillat-Savarin, in his 1825 work, The Physiology of Taste, wrote, "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are."Our current leaders do not talk much about what their dietery preferences are, though everybody knows that the Father of the Nation survived on the bare minimum and the satvik bhojan that he partook of was a major reason for the disciplined life that he led.
Similarly, India's first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, to the manor born, was not much of a foodie, but veered towards European cuisine. His daughter Indira Gandhi again did not really relish her meals, but was particular that they be served in a proper manner. Her son Rajiv on the other hand would not hesitate in eating a kachori from a roadside dhaba made in the most unhygienic surroundings.
Barely a fortnight before his tragic assassination (May 21, 1991), I covered his campaign in Bhopal and saw him unabashedly polishing off three samosas in a matter of minutes and washing it down with water which I am certain didn't come out of a bottle. I couldn't hide my smile at such simple trust he had on people who thrust food at him. That probably was the way he went through life, trusting all and trusting implicitly.

Dont get me wrong, this has nothing to do with Mrs Gursharan Kaur. Its got to do with the Prime Minister and the media. The Indian media has had the longest ever live in relationship with a Prime Minister to date. Not even Rajivji got this long a date. Agreed that the media in the giddy eighties saw young Rajiv as the bright beacon dragging a kicking screaming lethargic nation into the new millennium but then the gun happened. Remember the 'B' word. It just undid everything else. Even the "hum jeetenge ya loosenge" or "naani yaad dila denge" seemed cute in front of the barrage that the Bofors gun let loose.


On day two, the three thousand journalists who have come from around the world to cover the G-20 summit are all but acutely aware of the difference in styles of the current US President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W.Bush.

It is huge, dull and drab. The venue for the G20 summit looks more like an aircraft hanger than a venue for a prestigious event like the G20 summit meet. There are so many historical and beautiful buildings in the city and yet this venue was chosen which is located in the isolated Docklands site. The conference centre is at one of Britain's poorest areas where educational levels are lowest and shanties exist beside tall gleaming skyscrapers of the Canary Wharf area which house the now rogue banks, bankrupt media houses and financial institutions which risk closure.

Ah double relief the Lakme fashion Week has ended and Miss India 2008 has been crowned. Glamour please take a back seat. But wait! Horror of horrors, did you notice, that awful fashion item, the kaftan is back? It was seen last week on the ramp, in all its 'awful glory' and fashion gurus gleefully gave sound bites to pyts on TV channels that it's time Indian women stocked up on this throwback to the seventies.


What’s cooking is the buzz.... What is going to be served at the banquet hosted by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the world's 20 most powerful leaders? The menu is a secret but some leaks are out. One is that it is going to be comparably frugal and two that pork is off the menu. That is certain. The Saudi Arabian, Turkish and Indonesian delegations wouldn't want that.


That the issue of climate change has hijacked the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) with every other global issue being put on the back burner. It began with the sudden and mysterious arrival of French President Sarkozy here and then on from the inaugural ceremony onwards every speech, meeting, discussion has focused on the upcoming climate change meeting in Copenhagen. Indian government officials have gone into a huddle to work on the issue with the muddying of waters that has taken place in the past 48 hours. According to reports coming out of China, the IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) and China have agreed to a strategy that involves jointly walking out of the Copenhagen conference if the developed nations try to force their own terms on the developing world.

At the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in downtown Moscow, the Indian Prime Minister laid a wreath against the Kremlin Wall. In an essentially one-day visit, the Prime Minister had just two engagements besides his talks with President Vladimir Putin. Despite the strong wind chill factor and snowing that has been on all day, the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stood for a few minutes before the flame and then took salute of the guard of honour. Clad in a grey overcoat and tourists who had no idea from which country the head of state was watched black suit, Manmohan Singh. There were no flags on lamp posts as is common in many nations when there is a state level visit.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, and US President Barack Obama had a 50-minute meeting at Blair House here on Sunday afternoon, during which the American President assured the Indian side that it would get access to David Headley, one of suspects involved in scouting potential targets for Pakistan-based terrorists prior to the26/11 attack in Mumbai.


Interacting with media at a roundtable meeting here, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Monday he needed more evidence from India about the Lashkar-e-Toiba militant group being behind the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai.

Interacting with media at a roundtable meeting here, Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Monday he needed more evidence from India about the Lashkar-e-Toiba militant group being behind the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai.

The two-day global nuclear security summit hosted by the United States opened in Washington D.C. on Monday morning. Forty-seven countries are participating in this meet, which has the issue of nuclear terrorism at its center.

Article after article from across the globe and think tanks around the world are expressing the opinion that if this nuclear security summit in Washington DC is about securing nuclear weapons so as to ensure that they do not find their way into the hands of non-state actors, then why isnt Pakistan being hauled up.

The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, sent his good wishes to the country on the occasion of Baisakhi.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did some straight talk on Pakistan saying he need to provide no further evidence about Lashkar-e-Taiba's involvement in the Mumbai blasts of 26/11. Speaking to the media at the conclusion of the two day Nuclear Security Summit in Washington DC. He said "I don't see any need for providing further evidence about the Lashkar-e-Taiba to Pakistan." When asked about Pakistani Prime Minister's statement that he is still awaiting concrete evidence about involvement of Pakistan based terror groups' involveent in the Mumbai attacks, Dr Singh said that it was evident that Mumbai blast conspirators like Hafeez Sayeed, Ilyas Kashmiri and Zaki ur Rehman Lakvi were roaming the streets of Pakistan freely fanning terrorism


For the first time ever, an Indian school soccer team is taking part in a youth soccer tournament in the US.

As most of the world watched with bated breath, the impossible happened. A highly emotional General Musharraf handed over command to General Ashfaq Kiyani. It was a historical moment for the subcontinent, the world and hopefully Pakistan. As America slept (given the time difference) Pakistan awoke to a new freedom. Symbolically perhaps, the baton got stuck in its groove as Musharraf with shaking hands struggled to pull it out. Kiyani bent forward to help but by then even the Gods, probably moved by the poignancy of the moment, came to the rescue of the two awkward Generals. The baton moved and it was handed over by General Musharraf to General Kiyani.


Athens (Greece), May 08, 2007 (ANI)
Speaking to scientists and academicians at the National Centre for Scientific Research at Demokritos, Athens, on Friday, President A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said that "energy independence is India's first and highest priority." Kalam also advocated the need for using thorium reactors for the country, saying, "India has to go for nuclear power generation in a big way using thorium-based reactors. Thorium, a non fissile material is available in abundance in our country."

Indian grad students studying in the US are finding the summer hard. Those who chose not to go back to India for the summer break, hoping to get summer jobs are finding that for the first time there are no jobs...not even in grocery stores and fast food eateries. Employers cut 62,000 jobs in the month of June as soaring fuel prices and a slowing economy forced companies to reduce costs. The US Department of Labour reported that the economy has lost about 438,000 jobs since the beginning of the year. The unemployment rate was at 5.5%.

Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi today said that given the popularity of soccer in India and the fact that the country will soon have international class stadia, India will soon make a bid to host the World Cup in football. A trifle ambitious it may seem going by the titters of laughter the claim made among the Indian reporters covering the press conference. But foreign journalists said, they wouldn't put it past India to whip up a magic wand and make it possible. "You guys just manage to make the impossible possible. Look what you do on the cricket field."


The new President of Pakistan after taking oath of office promised the country "come hell of high water, elections will be held". Twisting his mouth derisively he said any talk of boycott should be ignored. Parvez Musharraf dressed in a black bandh gala suit was administered oath of office in capital Islamabad this morning by Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar. Breaking with convention, the new President decided to address the august gathering. Neither Benazir Bhutto nor Nawaz Sharif or his family members were present, but there was a large contingent of judges, several army officers and colourfully attired ladies, including the first lady Sahiba Musharraf.


Once can be termed a fluke. The second makes a point and the third time its validation. Aishwarya Rai, then Shilpa Shetty and now Deepika Padukone, the three damsels from Karnataka have captured the imagination of the Bombay film industry.
Their dancing skills, chiseled bodies, large limpid eyes, perfect diction and dialogue delivery, dignified demeanor has the industry and viewers accepting the fact that Kannadigas have more to offer than Deve Gowda and rava dosai.

The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan – Dr. Manmohan Singh and Yousuf Raza Gilani – have begun their much anticipated bilateral meeting here on the sidelines of the XVth Non-Aligned Movement Summit.


Speaking shortly after a late night meeting with Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon here, a visibly tired Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman Basheer said he brought up the issue of the resumption of the composite dialogue between the two countries.


From early hours of the morning, Indian techies and Non Resident Indians have started lining up outside AT&T and Apple shops to buy the new 3G iPhone. This new generation phone, if one can call it that, promises faster Web browsing experience. At least faster than the original iPhone launched in June 2007..


Where are the famous Mangaloreans who brandish their origins at the drop of a hat? Why are they not speaking up for the protection of the secular and liberal culture of this beautiful port city?

Dr. Manmohan Singh will address the first formal press conference of his second term as Prime Minister on May 24 here. The Prime Minister's Media Advisor, Harish Khare, will conduct the press conference where over a thousand reporters and photographers are expected to be present.

India is not changing its goal posts on the issue of climate change and is ready to contribute to the global campaign for emission reduction on the “principle of equity”, said Shyam Saran, the Special Envoy of the Indian Prime Minister on Climate Change here.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that New Delhi favours an equal sharing of the global emission burden reduction.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Wednesday that some minor problems regarding reprocessing will be sorted out soon, resulting in early operationalisation of the civil nuclear deal with the US.

Its all about energy 2010  6  2

If there is a swagger in Vladimir Putin it has nothing to do with his six-pack, though going by photographs he could put Sharukh in OSO to shame. The swagger is due to his country's bulging oil profits and India with huge energy hunger has come abegging. Manmohan Singh knows that subsidies have to roll back and triple digit figures per barrel have India like China clawing at Russia's door. With the 123 agreement in the dock, India has to look simultaneously for other options. Russia is where it has always sought.

After his late night meeting with Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon, which the two sides described as frank and detailed, Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Basheer expressed regret that relations between the two South Asian neighbours had come to such a pass that they have to meet thousands of miles away here in Egypt.


Smita Prakash, ANI, 3rd June 2010, New Delhi

The first every Hay Festival of Literature and Arts is going to be held in Kerala this November and not in the capital, New Delhi. A three day event, this festival is expected to "showcase Indian writing to an international audience" according to Sanjoy K.Roy of Teamwork Productions who is bringing the festival to Kerala.


Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's bilateral interactions with French President Nicholas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown held here on Friday on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) primarily focused on counter-terrorism, sympathy for the victims of last year's 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai, the first anniversary of which was observed two days ago, and the next steps to be taken for arresting the threat of climate change.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, arrived on Thursday afternoon from Washington to attend the three-day Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) here.
The CHOGM will be formally declared open at the National Academy for Performing Arts in Port-of-Spain today.

Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan – Shiv Shankar Menon and Salman Basheer – burnt the midnight oil on Tuesday to try to work out some kind of framework to lay the ground for the resumption of talks between the two countries.


With little over a month left for the meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan, New Delhi appears keen on taking its relationship with Islamabad forward, and is realistic about its expectations but not overly ambitious about the talks process.

The Obama kids will be quite happy they aren’t attending Tuesday’s banquet hosted by their parents - Barack and Michelle — in honour of the Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Addressing a select gathering of Indo-US business leaders here, the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh said on Monday that New Delhi plans to sign with the US Government a Memorandum of Understanding on energy security, clean energy and climate change with the objective of increasing bilateral cooperation in specific areas.

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